Eurivaldo Bezerra

Strings, 2018

150x225 cm

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Photography is the bless of feeling. To see and feel what you are shooting, inspiring others minds.

After being a lawyer for more than 20 years, I’ve decided to study photography from the beginning.

Suddenly I was completely involved with light, shutters and apertures.

My work is based on my passion for human issues, and provocation.

When I am photographing, the most important thing is to feel the person. Pay attention to small details, and see who you really are, creating one intimacy that all human beings should have and, most of all, enjoy every moment.

My work is 100% emotional. A picture has the power to impact our hearts, by our eyes. My photographs represents how I feel the world, with concepts or without any, just for joy and contemplation.

If we can draw with light, it is way beyond the simple act of registering a tiny small part of life on a piece of paper. We are able to create, express and provoke reflections about the limits of Photography, and our own limits.

When you are a lawyer, you deal with litigations, Judges, and paper. Your client will be satisfied after many years of hard work, if so.

Photography passionates me because it is complete different. I meet someone, get involved with its story, spend some great time together and, at the end, if you like my work, you will hang it on your wall and will remember me for a log time, with a smile on your face.

Mixing social issues with photography is simple for me, since I am familiar with all kinds of legal litigations for so many years. I am always searching for what is beautiful, even under hard circumstances, as misery and poverty. We may transform the world, if we have a strong desire.

Inspired by the economist Sebastião Salgado, who became the first Brazilian photographer with such international importance (I am a great admirer), I've decided to question and transform legal issues using Photography as a vehicle.

Advocacy and Photography = Social Transformation Photography.

That’s what I believe. One work with human feelings, with soul, that will belong to another. For some time.

Having one of my works, means a piece of my feelings, my emotions, that will provoke others feelings.

I left my Legal Company in 2016, and became a 100% time Photographer, with all support of my wife and partner on great ideas to change the world.