Joe Ganech

Wait Foxy Lady, 2016

Mixed Media
100x140 cm

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I am a visual artist, born in Northern Spain, and have lived in Belgium for many years. I am a self-taught artist.

I have loved ART since my youth, and I have no favorite artist or style. I think all artists have their visions and their own universes…and all artistic visions form a magical whole. What interests me above all, is to expand methods in my learning. I take risks, and never fall asleep and waver before a creation. The essence to me is to never be satisfied and to understand that every creation is always the first. Being satisfied is the first sign of the completion.

Very often, before starting, creations come to me in visions that direct me to paint like this way or that way. I seem to be an instrument to create which I accept and embrace…and remain humble in this Gift of life.

My creations are therefore like messages that each one, each viewer, must understand and perceive according to their personal experiences and feelings. The greatest joy for me is when I have the opportunity to meet the public and hear their opinions and their visions of them. Feedback is always important to me as with every artist. So my work is never complete…as the audience continues with their comments and reactions.

I have been creating a different style according to historical references and research, and I'm very happy with this new and exciting venture. I love history and love learning so much more about different countries, peoples and their cultures. Nature is always within me and to capture the moment, the time, the place, the person, the emotions and the feelings are a thrilling experience for me…and to share the creation that transpires.